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Professional Property Management

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     If you are searching for a highly qualified and experienced Professional Property Management company in the Phoenix Metro area with competitive monthly fees, NO HIDDEN FEES, and with a focus to help you maximize your cash flow then you have come to the right place!
REAL ESTATE......... It's the cornerstone of any investment portfolio, large or small. Keeping your investment in top shape to encourage future value - whether your property is owner-occupied or tenant-occupied - is one of the most important aspects of your investment.

Most people buy real estate to realize future value, and while waiting for that time to come most of us lease properties to aid in or realize positive cash flow. Maximizing income and reducing expenses and stress is an important part of the real estate equation; that's why Professional Property Management is important as well.

"You have a life; we let you live it!" - The National Association of Realtors

Like all other types of real estate agents, Professional Property Managers reduce the "hassle" factor in real estate. In investment real estate a manager takes on the daily tasks of running your property -- finding good tenants, collecting rents and accounting for them, maintaining the property in a responsible manner as well as developing a relationship (whether it be good, bad or demanding) with the tenants. In today's markets where investors live far away, and with the renting public being more unscrupulous than ever, it is especially important to have an experienced property management team looking over your investment. 

Here's how WEST USA REALTY PROFESSIONAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT sets itself apart from other property management companies:


  • Automated Owner Communication
  • Comprehensive, Automated Marketing of your property
  • Correct Rental Pricing
  • Qualifying Renters
  • Managing Renters
  • Collecting Monthly Rent Payments
  • Maintenance - it's important
  • Inspections & Follow-up

  • Automated Owner Communication.

    West USA Professional Property Management is one of the few Professional Property Management companies to fully automate with an integrated, on-line property management software system that gives you up-to-the-minute information right at your computer! In fact, the 'welcome' page of our website has a place where you simply enter your e-mail address and a password to get all of your information any time you need it. Yardi Systems allows you to view your monthly statements, invoices, documents, leases, work orders and more all in one place (your owner 'portal'). We can exchange e-mails and communicate with time-stamped efficiency. The automated system also includes free direct-deposit of your rental proceeds each month to almost any U.S. bank account.

    There is nothing more frustrating than being 'left in the dark' about your property --

    West USA Realty Professional Property Managementhas already taken care of that! Relax and log in.


    Comprehensive and hassle-free marketing of your vacancies. 

    Our marketing system allows us to market your property before it becomes vacant. We post the upcoming vacancy - complete with photography, property description and a Google map - on dozens of web marketing sites, including our own West USA Realty marketing website,,, Trulia, Zillow, Hot Pads,, and many more, are automatically covered with your vacancy. In fact, this system has been so successful that our vacancy rate has gone WAY below the metro average to only about 1% of portfolio. Most computerized marketing is included in your West USA Realty Professional Property Management contract pricing!
    Automation is only a part of the marketing equation -- great, people-oriented agents help close the deal! We have weekend coverage of our telephone system and expect our agents to personally meet prospects at your property to promote it.

    Correct Rental Pricing.

    Although browsing online to see what other landlords are charging for similar properties is a fine way to ballpark your rent price, we actually conduct a thorough market analysis in order to set the right rental price for your investment property, ensuring that you maximize cash flow while maintaining a low vacancy rate!

    Qualifying Renters.

    Our Experienced professional property managers specialize in finding good qualified tenants. We take care of all the details including criminal background and security checks, credit reports, verifying income and employment, and checking with previous landlords on rental history.

    Managing Renters.
    Our property management services don’t end with finding good tenants. West USA Realty Professional Property Managers will manage all aspects of the tenant-landlord relationship. We coordinate both routine and emergency maintenance, conduct regular routine inspections and handle any situation where a resolution is required.
    Collecting Monthly Rent Payment.
    Collecting rent payments from tenants can be difficult and sometimes awkward of you are doing it yourself. We have efficient, tried-and-true processes in place to effectively collect rent and maintain on-time payments to you via direct deposit. We make it convenient for renters to pay online and for you to collect your proceeds each month. This is particularly important to maintaining your positive cash flow.
    Maintenance is important to us!
    West USA Professional Property Management maintains a 24-hour service for emergencies. We utilize time-tested 'favored' vendors and repairmen who have proven to us their responsiveness, fair pricing and professionalism. You enjoy 'wholesale' pricing, with West USA Professional Property Management as we DO NOT pad the cost a vendors charges for a repair nor do we add any additional "administration fee" on top of any repair work a vendor does on your property. Vendor payments are made directly from your management account, relieving you of the stress and hassle of paying vendors in almost all cases.
    Inspections & Follow-up. 
    West USA Professional Property Management provides an annual, or upon request, inspection service that includes photography. You’re emailed these results so you can know exactly how your property is faring right now.

    Knowing all about your property right now --

    That's peace of mind from West USA Professional Property Management! 

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