In today’s challenging and competitive economic environment, employers are seeking ways to add value and benefits for their employees, all while remaining cognizant of the company’s bottom line. Likewise, over 60% of employees rate their company benefits as a main reason for staying with their employer![1]

An employee’s financial worries don’t stop when they enter the workplace. In fact, stress has a huge adverse impact on productivity!  For example:

  • Employee financial stressors contribute to corporate health care costs and increase employee absenteeism.
  • 78% of employers report employees are less productive at work when worrying about personal financial problems.[2]
  • Almost 50% of employees admit to wasting up to 21 hours of company time per month on personal financial matters.[3]
  • 92% of Americans are losing sleep due to financial worries.[4]
  • Almost 80% of American adults agree they could benefit from the advice of a financial professional.[5]
  • Employees who own their home are less likely to call in sick, miss work, or job hop.[6]
 Today, simply offering healthcare and retirement plans to employees /organization members are no longer enough. Companies / organizations are realizing the mutual benefits of helping their employees / members with their personal financial challenges such as housing, home ownership, and financial planning.  
Larry Ackerman & Veronica Flores   REALTORS® at WEST USA REALTY, working in cooperation with Reagan Wichman of Fairways Independent Mortgage Corporation have recognized this industry trend and is proud to offer the  GOLDEN TICKET BENEFITS PROGRAM.

  A comprehensive, workplace-sponsored, Financial Education & Resource Program
for employers and organizations throughout the Metro - Phoenix area
How May Participating Companies / Organizations Benefit?

  1. Increased employee / member loyalty.
  2. Reduced absenteeism.
  3. Increased financial well-being, as financially sound employees / members are more productive.
  4. Since buying a home is one of the top three stressful endeavors, less stress = more productive employees / members!
  5. Minimal administration required by your company. We do virtually all the work.
  6. Exclusive co-branded benefits website accessible to your employees / members and their families!
  7. ZERO cost to your company or organization.
What Are the Benefits to Employees / Members ?
  1. All employees / members are eligible and it’s completely voluntary.
  2. Educational materials are available through the co-branded benefits website.
  3. “Lunch & Learn” seminars available.
  4. An exceptional team of real estate and financial professionals, representing the best in their industries, all hand-picked and prescreened for the benefit of participating members.
  5. A one-on-one relationship and a concierge experience working with a Mortgage Advisor and Team.
  6. Professional advice and customized mortgage solutions for each borrower.
  7. Discounts on real estate commissions, home inspections, closing costs, moving expenses, and more![7]
  8. Valuable savings when buying, selling, and/or refinancing your home.[7]
  9. Discounts on products and services in your area.[7]
  10. Benefits can be extended to the family of the employee or organization member.

For more information about enrolling your company or organization into the GOLDEN TICKET BENEFITS PROGRAM.
contact: Reagan Wichman at 602-339-2300
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Larry Ackerman  at 480-710-0778
Veronica Flores    at 623-900-8149
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[2] MetLife 9th Annual Study of Employee Benefit Trends
[3] National Institute of Personal Finance
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[7] Benefits are tailored to the needs of each organization and may vary from organization to organization.